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One summer when Sundari was four years old we were attending evening meditation in the Yoga hall. Swamiji was sitting on stage and we were sitting at the back. Sundari started to make noise and move around and I was afraid she would disturb meditation, so I pinched her hard to keep her quiet. She was crying but silently to herself, she felt the pain inside her. At the end of the Satsang Swamiji usually stayed back for about half an hour talking to those who approached him. He asked Bharata where I was and asked him to get Sundari and me. I went up to the stage with Sundari and Swamiji asked me, ‘ Do you love me?’, I said ‘ Yes Swamiji’. He then asked ‘ Do you love god?’ and I answered again ‘ Yes Swamiji’. He then pointed to Sundari and said ‘ She is God, don’t ever hurt her again’.  I don’t know how Swamiji knew what I did, we were sitting right at the back, even the people sitting next to us probably did not hear anything, but even as he was sitting in front, on the stage and meditating, he knew and could feel Sundari’s pain. We have to love children, all of them, even though we think it is just a pinch, they still feel the pain and that was something Swamiji was able to feel.556035_10150998200349940_997067543_n-1

Sita and her husband Bharata have been staff at the Yoga Camp for over 25 years, raising their daughter Sundari in and around the ashram and both having served Swami Vishnudevananda very closely.