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Understanding the principles of the structure of our Universe, is understanding yourself. Science has already understood that we are more than 99% “empty” space. We are made of atoms, which are composed of protons, neutrons, electrons, and “empty” space, according to science. However, ancient Vedic scriptures like Vaastu Shastra say that space is not empty, but filled with subtle energy. This subtle energy is made of particles of subtle light and sound called Paramanu, which is the subtle energy consisting of  “God’s particles”. So this NOT an empty space! This space or field of energy is actually giving its own energy to everything around us. Moreover, this subtle (invisible to the naked eye) energy field is not something abstract, according to Vedanta it is the consciousnesses by itself. It vibrates, pulsates and emanates subtle light and sound, which allows different material particles to appear in front of our eyes in the electronic microscopes. There are definite laws of existence, laws of movement of energy (spinning, flowing), laws of manifestation of particles and overall all laws of appearance of all material forms. There are rivers of subtle energy in the space. We need to know about these rules. Vedanta and specifically Vaastu Shastra have a lot to share. So we can help ourselves to live our life better and with more joy. Even with basic knowledge of how the great space/consciousness works, you can live a happier and healthier life. For example, Swami Sivananda in his book “How to Get Sound Sleep”, on page 36 mentioned, “Sleep with your head towards East. Do not sleep with your head towards North. You can sleep with your head towards West and South.”

Watch the following video with Olga Sokolova explaining the importance and significance of the directions for good sleep, organising your home and creating positive energy. click here. 

This article is a continuation of ‘ Introduction to Vaastu Shastra’ posted in February

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