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Sw.Vishnu_BlogThe Yoga Camp blog aims to create an interactive space enabling comments, likes and shares from you, and the opportunity for us to reply on a more personal level, through the blog. There are many events and programmes running at the Camp throughout the year, covering a wide range of subjects, with guest speakers and programme directors from many different cities and countries. The aim of our blog is to post articles written by the programme directors and speakers themselves and also photos and articles written by staff, yoga teachers from our large Sivananda community and long time devotees, who can share with us their personal experiences with Swami Vishnudevananda. From Meditation-Asanas-Pranayama-Vedanta-Kirtan and Contemplation of life,love, and Guru- the scope is endless! We will also be posting delicious vegetarian recipes to satisfy your sattvic cooking needs. When we start becoming pro-bloggers, we will be able to upload videos from the Sivananda Archives, talks from our Yoga Acharyas, Asana Corrections, Satsang etc. For now, through the articles, photos and recipes, as yogi’s from all walks of life, we can spread the knowledge of our Masters.

In His Service,

Yoga Camp


1 thought on “The Blog”

  1. Rudra Priya of Minneapolis said:

    Great to see this blog. I have been waiting years for such. I did my. teacher training in the late 60’s and felt all alone with no local Sivananda people in Minneapolis for decades. yes. I taught yoga here full time for years but still I was with students and not fellow teachers. I had no community and now with blogs like this I feel connected to you all.
    Rudra of Minneapolis

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